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A CASE FOR SUMMER FOOTBALL ! 1 year 4 weeks ago #10010

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Yet more rain and shite weather today. Wanna makes me put a case for summer football but for Non-League sides only.
Fuck the League sides. If they can afford to pay a player £600k per week [ that's around 4 times the Prime Minister's annual salary ] then League sides can afford super-duper pitch drainage and under pitch heating schemes. Summer football would then certainly boost the non-league gates. I'm not a fan of plastic pitches and am sure the Cricket fraternity would have something to say especially at Rammy. If this shite weather is a global warming jobby, then could be more shite and wet winters for years to come. Just worth a thought - that's all. Would certainly give something back to grass roots football in terms of increased revenue from bumper attendances.
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A CASE FOR SUMMER FOOTBALL ! 1 year 3 weeks ago #10011

  • From the Darkside
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I'm afraid it's a massive no to Summer football for me, Hackers

For me, tradition is the very essence of why I love football and once we lose that, what have we got ? We already have games being played all days of the week, at whatever times suits the television audience and that's why many people of the older generations have turned to the non-league game. If we lost Winter football, we would lose the game as we know and love it

The answer for me, and I realise it is somewhat contradictory as football as always traditionally been played on grass, is the installation of 4G pitches at our level. Not perfect, but the quality and play-ability of these have improved a lot over recent years. Like I say, not perfect, but it would stop lost revenue at the turnstyle and could be hired out during the week to gain extra income.

The stumbling block here, however, is the cost of installation and where clubs would find that money. I'm not going to get started on the obscene amounts of money being splashed about in the Premier League :angry: , but surely there should be a much fairer distribution of cash being spread throughout the game, rather than the current trickle we have
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A CASE FOR SUMMER FOOTBALL ! 1 year 3 weeks ago #10012

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I'm sure Harry mentioned the cost to me maybe 3 years ago; something like £300,000 plus, Sanchez could pay for that and still have an obscene £300,000 left for himself. Greedy little turd. No, not his fault, its football gone crazy, a monster out of control. I'm sure a lot of the non-British are only here for the money. Loyalty is only to the agents who get these fat pay days and their ego.

You can get grants, but to get that, I imagine it would have to be open for the community to utilise. On top of that, there is the maintenance side of it too. Besides that, the facility would have to be opened for the evening and then shut, meaning someone from the club would have to be available nightly to lock up.
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